White wines

Fresh and elegant wines ideal for drinking in company or accompanying all types of dishes.

Esencia Montes Norte Blanco

This wine has been created from a special selection of white grapes of the Airén variety. It is pale yellow in color, has a floral aroma, is pleasant in the mouth and has a fresh finish ideal to accompany any dish.

Esencia Montes Norte Chardonnay

Bright straw color, with fruity and exotic notes. In the mouth it is persistent and with great structure.

White wine from 100% Chardonnay grapes.

Esencia Montes Norte Verdejo

Pale tones with greenish reflections. Intense on the nose, with fruity notes. Friendly and fresh in the mouth. With a slight bitterness that allows it to prolong its pleasant palate.

Esencia Montes Norte Chardonnay envejecido en barrica

Esencia Montes Norte
Chardonnay barrel-aged

Its tone is light yellow with golden sparkles. On the nose, the aromas of oak and citrus notes merge, with a delicate nuance of vanilla and toast. In the mouth, it has an intense flavor reminiscent of aromatic herbs, showing a well-defined structure with a slight final bitterness.

Red wines

Wines made to delight the most exquisite palates.

Esencia Montes Norte Tinto

Young wine based mainly on the Tempranillo variety. Named among the 8 best wines in its category at the 2018 Manojo Awards. Awarded the 2024 Selección Plata Award and 2019 Selección Plata Award.

Esencia Montes Norte Merlot

Esencia Montes Norte Merlot is characterized by being elegant, very balanced in the mouth and with a soft texture on the palate due to their low levels of tannins. It has moderate acidity and a tremendous fruit character.

Sparkling wine

Esencia Montes Norte Brut is a great bet for a sparkling wine of excellent quality that has been awarded several awards at the national level.

Esencia Montes Norte Brut

Pale-colored sparkling wine with greenish nuances and very fresh and fruity aromas. Awarded the 2016 Silver Selection Award, 2022 Bronze Selection Award, the Manojo de Plata 2022, the Campo y Alma Gold Selection Award 2023 and the 2024 Bronze Selection Award.

‘Bag in box’

This 3 and 5 liter format allows the packaged product to be preserved with all its quality attributes.

Pura Cepa Blanco & Pura Cepa Tinto

Made in our winery with a selection of the best grapes from the harvest.

Partially fermented must

Espíritu Libre

Designed to be enjoyed by both wine lovers and those looking for softer, sweeter and fruitier flavours.