• Improve the agricultural income of our partners, providing the greatest added value for their productions.
  • Promote business management of production, transformation and marketing of our member cooperatives.
  • Commitment to the quality of our products and the cooperative services that differentiate us.


  • Provide added value to the products that are transformed in our facilities.

  • Diversify activities and reach a sufficient size to be strong in the markets.

  • To be a benchmark for quality and well done work within the olive oil and wine sectors.

  • Make customers feel part of the cooperative, giving them the best quality in their purchases and the best treatment in their efforts.

  • Collaborate with other cooperative companies to achieve common purposes.


  • Cooperative principles: mutual aid, democratic management, education, training and information, cooperation between cooperatives and transparency.

  • Technology and innovation: all our facilities have advanced and complete automation technology for the production of our products, guaranteeing the most optimal conditions.

  • Product health: we have created Plant Health Groups (ASV) to monitor and control the health of our partners’ agricultural productions.
  • Environment: respect for the environment thanks to an integrated controlled process of the olive grove and the production of organic wines.
  • Teamwork: the production process is the result of a common objective developed by the participation of all our partners and professionals.
  • Future of the rural environment: energize the life of the towns thanks to the facilities network of our cooperatives.
  • Transmit to our clients the culture of olive oil and the benefits of moderate wine consumption.