Arbequina variety

Very fruity and aromatic extra virgin olive oil, with fresh aromas of fruit and ripe almond. Very smooth in the mouth, little bitterness and spiciness, sweet and with greenish tones.

Small formats

For daily use or as a gift.

250 ml

EAN: 8437003458095

500 ml bottle

EAN: 8437003458118

500 ml

EAN: 8437003458477

Large formats

For the day to day.

2 litres

EAN: 8437003458125

5 litres

EAN: 8437003458101

Specially selected.

To make our extra virgin olive oils, we carefully select the best olives from our farmers’ harvests to offer the consumer a product of the most excellent quality.


Don’t be seduced by so-called ‘soft oils’, pure olive oil is Extra Virgin. Our oils have been made following the most demanding quality standards to maintain their beneficial properties for your health.