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Fruity or with a more robust flavor, in carafe or glass bottle, we have a wide range of formats so that you can have the extra virgin that best suits you at home.


Extra virgin olive oil with fresh aromas of green leaf and almond.
In the mouth, its bitter and medium spicy flavor stands out, with an absence of sweetness due to its early harvest.



Very fruity and aromatic extra virgin olive oil, with fresh aromas of fruit and ripe almond. Very smooth in the mouth, little bitterness and spiciness, sweet and with greenish tones.



Extra virgin olive oil of the picual and cornicabra varieties, with fresh aromas where apple and citrus stand out.
Perfect balance between fruity, bitter and spicy.


Specially selected.

To make our extra virgin olive oils, we carefully select the best olives from our farmers’ harvests to offer the consumer a product of the most excellent quality.

Premium formats

Carefully selected, these oils are special and this is demonstrated by their packaging.

D.O. Montes de Toledo 500 ml

Carefully selected, this oil is certified by the Montes de Toledo Protected Designation of Origin.
Made with Cornicabra variety from traditional olive trees.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil with medium aromatic intensity where notes of almond and apple stand out.
Its medium spiciness and bitter flavor stand out, with an absence of sweetness due to its early harvest.

Early Harvest

Early harvest extra virgin olive oil, in its maximum unfiltered splendor.

Siete Almas

The varieties it contains are: cornicabra, arbequina, manzanilla, picual, 2 coupages and an organic one.
A total of 7 extra virgin olive oils (‘seven souls’) that are presented in very attractive packaging.


It comes from centuries-old olive trees cultivated in the traditional way. It is collected manually in the first days of the olive harvest season, so it is an early harvest oil.
A team of Agricultural Engineers is responsible for the care of these olive trees and studies, thanks to periodic sampling, the optimal time for harvesting their olives. The oil extraction is carried out at low temperature to capture all its aromatic potential.
The bottle is made with a raw material (clay) that is respectful of the environment. This is how we wanted it to be, a treasure inside and out, 100% ECO.

Enjoy life in ORGANIC mode.

Our organically grown oil – from the Cornicabra variety – comes from olive groves that undergo quality controls throughout the year so that it can pass the test of the most demanding consumer.


Don’t be seduced by so-called ‘soft oils’, pure olive oil is Extra Virgin. Our oils have been made following the most demanding quality standards to maintain their beneficial properties for your health.